[Slackbuilds-users] RFC: qemu and aqemu

netrixtardis netrixtardis at stealth3.com
Sun Feb 5 16:38:55 UTC 2012

On Fri, 3 Feb 2012 14:26:40 -0600
Robby Workman <robby at rlworkman.net> wrote:

> Hi Leo and Stu (and SBo-users):
> I've recently switched to using qemu-only for my virtual machines,
> and I have some observations / suggestions from the transition.
> Leo:
> I started out using aqemu as a front-end to simplify the initial
> setup, and after upgrading to qemu-1.0, I discovered that aqemu
> didn't understand the new version number.  Find attached some
> a tarball with some patches from aqemu git - the patchset includes
> some usual bugfixes but also a commit adding support for qemu-1.0.
> If the result looks okay to you, please submit that and I'll get
> it approved and into the repo.

I will look into those patches today.


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