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James Geboski jgeboski at gmail.com
Sat Feb 25 05:51:58 UTC 2012


No worries about the delay.  I personally, find it more useful to have them
split into two packages.  Reason being, I do not have any of the
X libraries on the servers I am running murmur on.  And on the client end,
you really don't need murmur.  If anyone has any objections to this, please
inform me.

Also, I'd find it "cleaner" to have /var/{lib,log,run}/mumble-server
renamed to /var/{lib,log,run}/murmur.  This way it matches the naming of
rc.murmur and murmurd.  However, people would not really be able upgrade
the package if this was implemented.  Would this be a forbidden to do in
the SlackBuild?


On Fri, Feb 24, 2012 at 11:17 PM, <adev at linuxmail.org> wrote:

> I apologize for the delay in response. I'm no longer maintaining murmur, I
> was under the impression that mumble would be packaged with murmur as they
> both already share the same source tarball. Anyway, I'm forwarding this to
> the SBo mailing list as I am granting you permission to take over
> maintenance of murmur.
> Thank you.
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> From: James Geboski
> Sent: 02/13/12 03:46 PM
> To: adev at linuxmail.org
> Subject: murmur SlackBuild
>  Hello there,
>  I don't know if murmur SlackBuild has just been forgotten about or what
> but, there is now version 1.2.3.
>  All that really needs to be added to the SlackBuild are some config
> options: no-ice, no-bonjour.  I have attached a patch if you're interested
> in that.
>  Also, if you're not up for continuing the maintenance on this SlackBuild
> anymore, I'd be willing to maintain the build script.
>  James
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