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Sat Feb 25 04:17:27 UTC 2012

I apologize for the delay in response. I'm no longer maintaining murmur, I was under the impression that mumble would be packaged with murmur as they both already share the same source tarball. Anyway, I'm forwarding this to the SBo mailing list as I am granting you permission to take over maintenance of murmur.

 Thank you.

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 Hello there,

 I don't know if murmur SlackBuild has just been forgotten about or what but, there is now version 1.2.3.

 All that really needs to be added to the SlackBuild are some config options: no-ice, no-bonjour. I have attached a patch if you're interested in that.

 Also, if you're not up for continuing the maintenance on this SlackBuild anymore, I'd be willing to maintain the build script.

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