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James Geboski jgeboski at gmail.com
Sun Aug 11 02:09:02 UTC 2013

Hello all,

A little over two weeks ago (July 26), I contacted the maintainer of the
Chromium SlackBuild, Francisco Ambrozio.  I still have yet to hear back
from Francisco on issues pertaining to the Chromium SlackBuild.  There are
two key issues with the SlackBuild: 1) it is four releases behind; 2) it is
missing Google API keys.

Updating the SlackBuild is a trivial matter, but obtaining a set of Google
API keys is going to require a bit more effort.  As of chromium-23, API
keys are needed to access the Google APIs.  I have never noticed an issue
with the older API protocol versions in chromium =< 28, however, in
chromium >= 29, there is a notification informing the end-user that they
need to obtain a set of API keys.  Additionally, I have noticed that API
features are no longer working, including the login all together.

Other distributions have obtained "distribution" API keys, namely Arch and
Gentoo.  Since I doubt chromium will ever be included in Slackware, that
makes SlackBuilds.org the next target for obtaining these keys.  While I
currently maintain my own "fork" of the chromium SlackBuild, it's not
logical for me to reach out for a set of distribution keys.  If I can take
over and maintain the Chromium SlackBuild, I would like to reach out
upstream to obtain a set of distribution keys for SlackBuilds.org.

Would it be possible for me to take over and maintain the Chromium

Thanks in advance,
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