[Slackbuilds-users] Chromium SlackBuild

Markus Reichelt ml at mareichelt.com
Sun Aug 11 12:21:56 UTC 2013

* James Geboski <jgeboski at gmail.com> wrote:

> A little over two weeks ago (July 26), I contacted the maintainer
> of the Chromium SlackBuild, Francisco Ambrozio.  I still have yet
> to hear back from Francisco on issues pertaining to the Chromium
> SlackBuild.  There are two key issues with the SlackBuild: 1) it is
> four releases behind; 2) it is missing Google API keys.

pardon me for being frank:

a) in my book, giving the maintainer four (4) weeks to respond is ok,
only if there's no reply after that it's ok to push for taking over
maintainership.  AFAIK, there's no official 'window of slacking'; of
course there's key system components / add-ons where things might be
dealt with faster with good reason (flash-player and a propriety
browser come to mind);

b) if the script works by just adapting $VERSION, that's ok. 
Maintainers are not obligated (yet?) to keep up with upstream for
such trivial things.

c) what exactly is the impact of (not) having google API keys as
maintainer in this context of taking over maintainership?  As you
stated, the SBo project should 'get them'; Does this need to be
happening right now or is this a general good strategy to have in
place for future chromium integration?  If so, how's the handling of
the API keys for projects at SBo documented?

d) I'm not a chromium user, so bare with me. Thanks.

The Tahoe-LAFS spirit.

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