[Slackbuilds-users] Will there be gnucash for 14.1?

Willy Sudiarto Raharjo willysr at slackbuilds.org
Wed Dec 4 00:36:34 UTC 2013

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> Looking at their SVN repository, it seems that they are now working
> with guile 2 :)
> and probably they don't need goffice anymore :)
> 2013-02-21 Geert Janssens
> * Drop goffice dependency from our html engine
> But then on November, i saw this
> 2013-11-26 Geert Janssens
> * Report the proper minimum version for libgoffice when not found at
> configure time
> Which is strange..
> Hopefully they are for win32 build only

Here's some milestone for gnucash 2.6 :)

 2.5.0 - 30 Mar 2013
The Gnucash Development Team is pleased to release Gnucash 2.5.0,
the first release of an unstable series leading to Gnucash 2.6.0.
Gnucash now requires Gtk+-2.24 and GLib-2.26. We've removed
Gnucash now works with Guile-2.0.

2.5.6 - 7 October 2013
Geert Janssens has rewritten the preferences system to use
GSettings from GIO (GLib) instead of GConf. This is a simpler
and more robust backend which writes to the OS's native prefs
- -- defaults on OS X and the Registry on MSWindows -- and
allows us to remove several troublesome dependencies
including GConf, ORBit, and DBus. The change includes a
migration script that will run at Gnucash startup.

2.5.9 - 1 December 2013
This is the tenth release in the UNSTABLE 2.5 series.
It is the first beta release.

Barring any surprises, there will be one more beta release in
two weeks, followed by the release of 2.6.0 on 29 December.

So by next year, we should have gnucash 2.6.0 for 14.1 (hopefully)

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