[Slackbuilds-users] Nvidia updates

King Beowulf kingbeowulf at gmail.com
Sun Jul 7 05:50:11 UTC 2013


I just uploaded updates to the proprietary Nvidia driver set:

nvidia-legacy96  - FINAL update.
nvidia-legacy173 - updated
nvidia-legacy304 - NEW
nvidia-319.xx    - updated

I'm dropping support for the 96.xx drivers after this update since I no
longer have any old hardware to test. (Sigh.)  I will continue to update
the 173.xx and 304.xx versions.

If anyone wants to take over 96.xx (and 173.xx since I only have one AGP
GPU box left), you have my permission. nouveau should be plenty good
enough for these old GPUs.

For the impatient, get the unofficial archives here:

As always, I welcome testers to find any errors. Also, I could use some
help figuring out what to do with the new nvidia-modprobe and
persistenced utilities. Supposedly, these allow userspace swapping of
the nvidia module for multi GPU systems.


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