[Slackbuilds-users] Is anybody doing musl?

Weldon Goree weldon at langurwallah.org
Thu Jul 24 03:33:47 UTC 2014

On 07/24/2014 08:58 AM, John Vogel wrote:
> I apologize for not getting back about this sooner. I built the slackbuild in
> a slackware qemu vm. Builds/installs fine. I was able to do a static build
> of bash-4.3, which runs fine (I need to use the make check or make test to
> verify, but that vm needs dejagnu, expect, tcl/tk, check, maybe more for full
> testing. I can get to that maybe this weekend. Also built dynamic bash which
> runs fine; musl-ldd reports proper loader and libc locations.

Did you get extra newlines in the output of musl-ldd? A few people have
had that and I'm trying to track the problem down.


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