[Slackbuilds-users] Texlive-20130530 Build Errors

Jim Diamond Jim.Diamond at acadiau.ca
Fri Mar 21 14:09:29 UTC 2014

On Fri, Mar 21, 2014 at 05:57 (-0700), Rich Shepard wrote:

> On Fri, 21 Mar 2014, David Spencer wrote:

>>Yes.  It should take two or three minutes to install on relatively
>>modest hardware.

> David,

> Linux salmo 3.10.17-smp #1 SMP Wed Oct 23 17:04:08 CDT 2013 i686 AMD
> Athlon(tm) II X2 255 Processor AuthenticAMD GNU/Linux 4G RAM.

> This is 'relatively' modern and I would have epxected 2-3 minutes for
> installation.

> Not before have I had a SBo package fail to install.

> I removed texlive-2011 to allow the -20130530 version to install. Because
> the /tmp partition on this host is small, well too small for this
> application, I built it in ~/workspace; the /home partition still has 112G
> available.

> There's plenty of room in each partition (ext3):

> Filesystem      Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on
> /dev/sda1        85G  1.1G   79G   2% /
> /dev/sda2        92M   47M   40M  54% /boot
> /dev/sda5       211G   89G  112G  45% /home
> /dev/sda6        92G   13G   75G  14% /usr
> /dev/sda7        37G  2.9G   32G   9% /opt
> /dev/sda8        17G  865M   15G   6% /var
> /dev/sda9       1.9G  180K  1.9G   1% /tmp

> I've watch top and installpkg is never the topmost running application; in
> fact, there are usually two processes running and both are sleeping (S+)
> which I did not think was appropriate.

> If anyone can suggest other tests or information that will help diagnose
> and resolve this situation I'll quickly provide the results.


I hate to say this, but have you checked the health of your disk?
Are you familiar with smartctl?  You could try running (all these as root)
        smartctl -a /dev/sda
or for the extremely short and uninformative version
        smartctl -H /dev/sda
and see if you see any harbingers of doom.  And if you don't
already regularly run self tests, you could ask your disk to do one long
test with
        smartctl --test=long /dev/sda
and later
        smartctl --test=conveyance /dev/sad
both of which can be done while you are using your system normally.

It is conceivable you have to turn SMART on:
        smartctl --smart=on /dev/sda
before the above will work.

Also, at the risk of sounding like M$, have you rebooted your system lately?
(Just in case.)

On Fri, Mar 21, 2014 at 06:02 (-0700), Rich Shepard wrote:

> On Fri, 21 Mar 2014, Jim Diamond wrote:

>>I have a mostly-full TL 2013 installation on my computer which is 3.2G.
>>That includes only a small amount of the non-English stuff and about 370MB
>>of backups (from TL updates).

>>So, yeah, 1.3 GB is fairly minimal.

> Jim,

> If there's a way to remove the non-English stuff before building I'll do
> that; I don't need or use any other language.
If by building, you mean via the slackbuild, I don't know.
I have (to date) just always d/l'ed the TL install tool, picked my
options, started it up, and did something else for a while.

>>?!  You could do an on-line install of the whole thing in that time
>>(with a fast network connection).
> Well, it's a DASL connection that gives me ~340K/sec download; I'm too far
> toward the end of the wire to get higher speeds.
That might be OK.  Most of the packages are compressed with xz, which
is pretty good.  Especially if you don't d/l "everything" (I have
context, luatex, music, omega, humanities, texworks, xetex, and a
bunch of other things which you may not need.)

>>It's nice to run TeX on a fast machine, but TeX hasn't suffered (much,
>>long story) from the bloatware syndrome, and people happily used it on
>>computers that would be ludicrously slow compared to the slowest "PC"
>>computers available today.

> This machine is plenty fast for an application that waits for my
> keystrokes, even when I'm dumping thoughts on the system at 65
> wpm. Since I spend most of my time writing, and the only
> external-facing service running on it is smtp (postfix), there's no
> need for a 64-bit installation of anything on this host. My laptop
> does have the x86_64 versions of Slackware so I do heavy
> computations (R, GRASS) analyses on that host.
Well, I have to admit not looking very closely at your first messages
before now.

Do you need xetex (which is where your compile error happened)?  I'm surprised that is included.  And, looking at
the slackbuild, I see -without-etex, which (if it means no etex
executable) seems to be a mistake in configuration to me.  (Show
stopper for me.)  Ho hum...

By the way, assuming you installed your mega package from a terminal,
was there any output showing up?  Or were you just seeing silence?

Do you have iotop installed?  If so, you might like to try installing
again from one terminal while watching iotop from another terminal.
This may give you some useful clue.

"I don't have any solution but I certainly admire the problem."
                        -- Ashleigh Brilliant


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