[Slackbuilds-users] Support for Python 3 in python-pillow?

Philip Lacroix slackph at posteo.de
Tue Dec 15 18:02:27 UTC 2015

Am 15.12.2015 18:29 schrieb Brenton Earl:
> The only problem I see with adding support for both 2 and 3 is that
> your python3-pillow will conflict with the official Slackware package
> when 14.2 is released.

There will be a note in the README mentioning that the two packages 
cannot coexist.

> I believe that Pat's python-pillow is a
> dependency of hplip, and maybe other packages. I haven't checked what
> else though.  For this reason, my package is intended to be removed
> once 14.2 is out.  It might be good to test your SlackBuild on
> - -current before submitting it.

Thanks, I will test that, but since the exact content of python-pillow 
is included in python3-pillow, from the point of view of packages 
depending on Pat's python-pillow there shouldn't be any difference, 
unless I'm missing something (in which case I'll stand corrected).

Here's the diff output:
$ diff -r /tmp/SBo/package-python-pillow/ 
Only in /tmp/SBo/package-python-pillow/usr/doc: python-pillow-3.0.0
Only in /tmp/SBo/package-python3-pillow/usr/doc: python3-pillow-3.0.0
Only in /tmp/SBo/package-python3-pillow/usr/lib64: python3.4

> On 12/15/2015 09:48 AM, Philip Lacroix wrote:
>> Hi all
>> I've built a test python3-pillow with support for both Python
>> versions, where Python 2 is built *after* Phyton 3.
>> There is no difference in the resulting content of /usr/bin with
>> respect to python-pillow (and the shabang in all files is the
>> default #!/usr/bin/python). The only difference is the additional
>> /usr/lib{$LIBDIRSUFFIX}/python3.x directory. This shouldn't cause
>> anything to break if python-pillow is replaced with python3-pillow,
>> and the software I'm packaging (which would have python3-pillow as
>> a requirement) is happy with this.
>> If you guys have nothing against it, I'll submit a new
>> python3-pillow SlackBuild according to the above points.

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