[Slackbuilds-users] Am trying to build a perl module, perl-gd, in order to bring shutter up-to-date

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Sun Aug 21 18:04:53 UTC 2016

Is someone willing to build a perl module  for me, perl-GD, and submit
it to slackbuilds so that I can update shutter?
The source can be found here:

I am the maintainer of shutter, the screenshot application. It is sorely
outdated. However, I also have to build some new perl modules not yet
available at slackbuilds.org, since shutter requires many perl modules
with circular dependencies. Having said that, I am stuck on trying to
build perl-GD. I have tried the perl module template provided by
slackbuilds. I have tried altering it, Googling, and looking at how
other distributions package it, but I cannot get it to package properly.

If anyone is interested,  one thing I have found is that you probably
want to disable Build test since it is ostensibly error prone.  See

If someone is interested and wants to build on what I have already done,
I can send them a tarball including the README,  info, etc. 

Also, if someone does submit a slackbuild could you send me the tarball
so I can continue working on updating shutter and its dependencies?
Donald Cooley 

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