[Slackbuilds-users] Updates - 20161001.1

Willy Sudiarto Raharjo willysr at slackbuilds.org
Sat Oct 1 00:54:14 UTC 2016

Sat Oct  1 00:30:20 UTC 2016
academic/bibletime: Updated for version 2.11_rc2.
academic/sword-data-kjv: Updated for version 1.7.5.
academic/sword: Updated for version 1.7.5a1.
audio/quodlibet: Updated for version 3.7.1.
audio/sayonara-player: Update HOMEPAGE and README.
desktop/Ater-MPlayer-skin: Switch to i586 + update HOMEPAGE & DOWNLOAD.
desktop/faenza-cupertino: Added (gnome icon theme).
desktop/moka-icon-theme: Updated for version 5.3.3.
desktop/numix-icon-theme-circle: Updated for version
desktop/paper-icon-theme: Updated for version 1.3.3.
desktop/perwindowlayoutd: Switch to i586.
development/Bottleneck: Switch to i586.
development/Naked: Switch to i586.
development/PythonToolkit: Switch to i586.
development/coccinelle: Switch to i586.
development/dreampie: Switch to i586.
development/global: Updated for version 6.5.5.
development/love: Updated for version B.02.18.
development/menhir: Switch to i586.
development/squeak-vm: Update README.
development/sublime_text: Updated for version 3.1.26.
development/tstoolbox: Updated for version
development/wheel: Switch to i586.
development/xsp: Added (Mono's ASP.NET hosting server).
games/FlightGear-data: Updated for version 2016.3.1, new maintainer.
games/FlightGear: Updated for version 2016.3.1, new maintainer.
games/doomretro: Updated for version 2.3.
games/gzdoom: Updated for version 2.2.0.
games/mame: Updated for version 0.178, add bgfx support.
games/snes9x: Fix crash in "open recent" menu.
gis/postgis: Updated for version 2.3.0.
graphics/grafx2: Added alternate source.
graphics/oyranos: Switch to i586.
graphics/phatch: Switch to i586.
graphics/pygraphviz: Switch to i586.
graphics/shotwell: Updated for version 0.24.0.
libraries/Atlas-C++: Switch to i586.
libraries/CherryPy: Updated for version 8.1.1.
libraries/ConfigParser: Switch to i586.
libraries/PrettyTable: Switch to i586.
libraries/PyODE: Switch to i586.
libraries/SimGear: Updated for version 2016.3.1 + new maintainer.
libraries/async: Switch to i586.
libraries/audioread: Switch to i586.
libraries/avbin: Switch to i586.
libraries/bcdoc: Switch to i586.
libraries/botocore: Updated for version 1.4.58.
libraries/cchardet: Switch to i586.
libraries/curses_ex: Switch to i586.
libraries/discogs-client: Switch to i586.
libraries/dropbox-python: Updated for version 6.9.0.
libraries/enum34: Switch to i586.
libraries/evernote-python: Switch to i586.
libraries/gallerize: Updated for version 0.3.2.
libraries/guppy: Switch to i586.
libraries/hurry-filesize: Switch to i586.
libraries/jsoncpp: Updated for version 1.7.6
libraries/kaadbg: Switch to i586.
libraries/libclaw: Switch to i586.
libraries/libedit: Updated for version 20160903_3.1.
libraries/libfilezilla: Updated for version 0.7.0.
libraries/libunibreak: Updated for version 3.0.
libraries/libwfut: Switch to i586.
libraries/plumbum: Switch to i586.
libraries/pykdtree: Updated for version 1.2.1.
libraries/pysendfile: Switch to i586.
libraries/rarfile: Switch to i586.
libraries/rpyc: Switch to i586.
libraries/setproctitle: Switch to i586.
libraries/smmap: Switch to i586.
libraries/toro: Switch to i586.
libraries/urdfdom: Updated for version 0.4.1.
libraries/urdfdom_headers: Updated for version 0.4.1.
libraries/varconf: Switch to i586.
libraries/web.py: Switch to i586.
libraries/webkit2gtk: Updated for version 2.14.0.
libraries/wxGTK3: Update README.
libraries/wxPython3: Add webkitgtk detection.
multimedia/Poor-Mans-Spotify: Removed (Project name renamed).
multimedia/ffmpegyag: Switch to i586.
network/Flootty: Switch to i586.
network/PaleMoon: Updated for version 26.5.0.
network/awscli: Updated for version 1.11.0.
network/etherpoke: Switch to i586.
network/flexget: Updated for version 2.3.33.
network/krb5: Avoid overwriting Slackware's package.
network/light-firefox: Added (A light browser based on Mozilla).
network/livestreamer-curses: Switch to i586.
network/livestreamer: Switch to i586.
network/offlineimap: Updated for version 7.0.7.
network/pms-youtube: Switch to i586.
network/qTox: Updated for version 20160927_427176a.
network/r2e: Updated for version 2.71 + new maintainer.
network/rubygem-showterm: Switch to i586.
network/tixati: Updated for version 2.45_1.
network/toxcore: Updated for version 20160921_161ab46.
network/turbolift: Switch to i586.
network/vacuum-im: Updated for version 1.2.5.
network/wakeonlan: Switch to i586.
network/yoda: Switch to i586.
network/youtube-dl: Updated for version 2016.09.27.
office/LibreOffice: Updated for version
office/TaskCoach: Switch to i586.
office/etm: Removed (replaced with etmtk).
office/etmtk: Added (event and task manager for console and GUI).
office/libreoffice-helppack: Updated for version 5.2.2.
office/libreoffice-langpack: Updated for version 5.2.2.
office/libreoffice: Updated for version 5.2.2.
office/marave: Switch to i586.
office/minidjvu: Switch to i586.
office/pyspread: Switch to i586.
office/tudu: Added (todo list program).
perl/perl-CPAN-Perl-Releases: Added (Mapping Perl releases).
perl/perl-Devel-PatchPerl: Added (Patch perl source).
perl/perl-File-pushd: Added (change directory temporarily).
perl/perl-Package-DeprecationManager: Update DOWNLOAD url.
perl/perl-Readonly: Updated for version 2.05.
perl/perl-Scalar-List-Utils: Removed (included in perl 5.22).
perl/perl-Test-Output: Added (Utilities to test STDOUT and STDERR).
perl/perl-Test-Simple: Updated for version 1.302056.
perl/perl-Test-Spec: Added (Write tests).
perl/perl-local-lib: Added (create and use a local lib/).
python/PyDispatcher: Switch to i586.
python/PySDL2: Switch to i586.
python/argcomplete: Switch to i586.
python/argh: Switch to i586.
python/args: Switch to i586.
python/blessings: Switch to i586.
python/chump: Switch to i586.
python/cov-core: Switch to i586.
python/drawille: Switch to i586.
python/functools32: Switch to i586.
python/guess-language: Switch to i586.
python/guessit: Updated for version 2.0.4.
python/i3-py: Switch to i586.
python/jedi: Switch to i586.
python/jsonschema: Switch to i586.
python/kaptan: Switch to i586.
python/lxml: Fix download url
python/minidb: Switch to i586.
python/ndg_httpsclient: Switch to i586.
python/pendulum: Updated for version 0.6.2.
python/pilkit: Switch to i586.
python/pluggy: Switch to i586.
python/purl: Switch to i586.
python/py: Switch to i586.
python/pydot: Update DOWNLOAD url + switch to i586.
python/pyglet: Switch to i586.
python/pymongo: Switch to i586.
python/pytest: Updated for version 3.0.3.
python/python-certifi: Updated for version 2016.9.26.
python/python-keyutils: Switch to i586.
python/python-libtmux: Switch to i586.
python/python-notify2: Switch to i586.
python/python-unicodecsv: Switch to i586.
python/python-wrapt: Switch to i586.
python/python-xcffib: Switch to i586.
python/pywebkitgtk: Update download url
python/queuelib: Switch to i586.
python/s3transfer: Updated for version 0.1.5.
python/singledispatch: Switch to i586.
python/soundcloud: Switch to i586.
python/sql: Switch to i586.
python/termcolor: Switch to i586.
python/trollius: Switch to i586.
python/tzlocal: Switch to i586.
python/wsgiref: Switch to i586.
ruby/rubygem-bundler: Updated for version 1.13.2.
ruby/rubygem-coderay: Switch to i586.
ruby/rubygem-method_source: Switch to i586.
ruby/rubygem-pry: Switch to i586.
ruby/rubygem-slop3: Switch to i586.
system/TermRecord: Switch to i586.
system/autoarchive: Switch to i586.
system/barman: Updated for version 2.0.
system/findcmd: Switch to i586.
system/flashcards: Switch to i586.
system/graphterm: Switch to i586 + update HOMEPAGE.
system/iucode_tool: Switch to i586 + new maintainer.
system/lshw: Updated for version B.02.18.
system/mdocml: Updated for version 1.13.4.
system/mongo-tools: Updated for version 3.2.9.
system/mongodb: Updated for version 3.2.9.
system/mucommander: Update DOWNLOAD url.
system/patool: Switch to i586.
system/phoronix-test-suite: Updated for version 6.6.1.
system/pstate-frequency: Updated for version 3.5.1.
system/qdirstat: Added (disk space information).
system/rar2fs: Updated for version 1.23.1.
system/rar: Updated for version 5.4.0.
system/redis-py: Switch to i586.
system/rename: Switch to i586.
system/repeat: Switch to i586.
system/syslog-ng: Updated for version 3.8.1.
system/termsaver: Switch to i586.
system/udiskie: Switch to i586.
system/unrar: Updated for version 5.4.5.
system/zstd: Updated for version 1.1.0.

Willy Sudiarto Raharjo

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