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414N 414N at slacky.it
Sat Oct 22 16:03:57 UTC 2016

Hi Habs,

it seems that they're distributing the latest versions as AppImages, so
there's no strict need to build a dedicated Slackware package if all you
want is to test a new release.

Compiling from source seems to now requires an additional effort, as
dependencies are now split in several openshot-related packages
(openshot-audio, libopenshot etc.).

Alan Alberghini

SBo clone: GitHub <https://github.com/414n/slackbuilds.org>

On 22/10/2016 10:07, bch at shroggslodge.freeserve.co.uk wrote:
> Good morning everyone
> Is it likely that we will see a move towards the latest release of
> Openshot please?
> I am asking because I wondered, not withstanding and respecting
> maintainers' time constraints etc, if one of the issues would be that
> there has been some fundamental changes to the latest regarding
> dependencies and so forth. I am probably showing my ignorance, but I
> had read somewhere that it now requires QT (not GTK).
> Has anyone built the new release yet on Slackware and does it work fine ?
> Thanks for any insight etc.  Peace and best wishes.
> Habs
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