[Slackbuilds-users] qemu/spice-gtk and usbredir

Christoph Willing chris.willing at iinet.net.au
Sat Oct 22 23:56:08 UTC 2016

On 23/10/16 09:26, Thomas Szteliga wrote:
> On 10/22/2016 07:28 PM, Andrzej Telszewski wrote:
>> Something that is not required, shouldn't be flagged as required as long
>> as it makes sense.
>> But your proposal to forcibly disable building against usbredir is viable.
>> If it solves your problem, then ask the maintainer to add it.
>> You can never have too few options ;-)
> OK, before I ask I wanted to discuss this. And yes, You're right:
>  "Something that is not required, shouldn't be flagged as required"

The trouble is that some peoples' REQUIRED is/are other peoples' OPTIONAL.

> so maybe it's time to rethink the way OPTIONAL dependencies are
> announced? The README is OK, but it requires with every new release
> to re-read all READMEs and check, if any optional deps were added.
> It would be much easier to have an "OPTIONAL" tag in addition
> to "REQUIRES" in the *.nfo files. Don't you think?
Who is going to decide REQUIRED vs OPTIONAL for the many (I suspect) non 
obvious cases? Presumably the maintainer. If a maintainer's balance of 
REQUIRED/OPTIONAL deps doesn't suit someone else's particular 
needs/wants, then the builder will have to change their personal .info 
files anyway (or complain to the maintainer).


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