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Just a short review:


"Requires, Recommends, Suggests, Supplements, Enhances, Conflicts"

Weak dependencies

In addition to the strong dependencies created by Requires, there are 4
dependencies that are completely ignored by rpm itself. Their purpose is
to be used by dependency solvers to make choices about what packages to
install. They come in two levels of strength:

 + Weak: By default the dependency solver shall attempt to process
   the dependency

as though it were strong. If this is results in an error then they
should be ignored and not trigger an error or warning.

 + Very weak: By default the dependency solver shall ignore them.
   But they may be used to show the matching packages as option
   to the user.

The depsolver may offer to treat the weak like very weak relations or
the other way round.

In addition to normal, forward relations that behave the same way as
Requires: there are also two weak dependencies that work backward.
Instead of adding packages that match the relations of to-be-installed
packages these Relations add packages that contain relations matching
to-be-installed packages.

More here: http://www.rpm.org/wiki/PackagerDocs/Dependencies

Thomas Szteliga

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