[Slackbuilds-users] engauge: broken link, project moved, new versions

Pedro Mendes pedro at gepasi.org
Wed Oct 26 14:33:38 UTC 2016

Hi Jason

I've got a slackbuild for version 8.3 ready which I am going to upload.
However since this now requires lib4cpp and that itself is not yet on
slackbuilds, I had to package a slackbuild for that and upload it to SBo. I
can only upload the new engauge slackbuild after lib4cpp is available,
because this is a requirement...

I wish the author had moved to log4cplus, which is in SBo, as some users
requested , but he has not done so.

I am also trying to get version 9.5 done. I will upload that one as soon as
possible (if it turns out to be easy, then I may submit that one straight


On Wed, Oct 26, 2016 at 2:04 AM, Jason Graham <jgraha8 at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> The engauge download link is broken due the project having been moved to
>    http://markummitchell.github.io/engauge-digitizer/
> The SBo version is at 5.2 which the new site doesn't host (only version 6
> or later). I found a 5.2 package hosted by the fedora project
>     http://pkgs.fedoraproject.org/lookaside/pkgs/engauge-
> digitizer/engauge_5.2.tgz/2fbd9c81fa9e910f871560767bbb52bc/engauge_5.2.tgz
> However, it may be a good time to update things since the latest version
> is at 9.5. I haven't tried building the latest package, but plan to do so
> shortly.
> Regards,
> Jason
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