[Slackbuilds-users] ISSUE: texlive: problems downloading from tug.org

B Watson yalhcru at gmail.com
Sat Oct 29 18:30:59 UTC 2016

On 10/29/16, Franzen <slackbuilds at schoepfer.info> wrote:

> If more people have issues with that download, i'll look for another
> solution.

Tried from two different systems on different networks, both times:

wget ftp://tug.org/historic/systems/texlive/2016/texlive-20160523b-source.tar.xz
--2016-10-29 14:20:21--
           => 'texlive-20160523b-source.tar.xz'
Resolving tug.org (tug.org)...
Connecting to tug.org (tug.org)||:21... connected.
Logging in as anonymous ...
Login incorrect.

There's a copy here:


...but it'd be better not to use that as the download URL in the .info file.

A better bet would be to use the OSU mirror:


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