[Slackbuilds-users] fontforge 2017 update

David Woodfall dave at dawoodfall.net
Sun Aug 6 19:10:43 UTC 2017

>>On 08/05/2017 09:23 PM, B Watson wrote:
>>>On 8/5/17, King Beowulf <kingbeowulf at gmail.com> wrote:
>>>>Bah. The 2017 release is just a git snapshot. The 2017 version needs
>>>>gnulib which it git clones on the fly, so
>>>>./bootstrap --skip-git --skip-po
>>>>doesn't work (amoung no git found error). gnulib in SBo is older so not
>>>>sure I have time to go down that rabbit hole.
>>>I'm the gnulib SBo maintainer... gnulib doesn't do releases, I'm using the
>>>same snapshot "release" that's in Debian unstable (and also the latest
>>>Ubuntu). Does the new fontforge give a minimum version (snapshot date)
>>>that it requires?
>>>Not too much stuff in SBo requires gnulib. I wouldn't mind updating it to
>>>a newer snapshot, but it'd be nice to use a snapshot that's widely used &
>>>known not to be broken (which is why I used the version from Deb/Ubuntu).
>>I haven't had a chance to try the SBo version of gnulib with the latest
>>fontforge.  I just noticed that the new release of fontforge pulls in a
>>git snapshot if its bootstrap script doesn't find it.  The 2015
>>fontforge doesn't use gnulib.  Better to let David figure that out since
>>I do need to worry about my own 35 or so scripts.
>I noticed that it also does a git clone of uthash.
>fontforge-20170731 builds OK with gnulib-20140202 and uthash-2.0.2.
>Lilypond builds OK with that fontforge installed and appears to run
>normally, although I've never used it before so it's hard for me to
>tell if it works properly. Both frescobaldi and rosegarden build and
>appear to run fine using that lilypond, so I will update the fontforge

Changed the uthash version to 1.9.9 to match what we have on sbo.


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