[Slackbuilds-users] appstream-glib compile failure

Ricardo J. Barberis ricardo at palmtx.com.ar
Thu Dec 21 18:29:46 UTC 2017

Hi everyone!

Slackware64 14.2, appstream-glib 0.7.4 fails to build for me:

ninja: Entering directory `/tmp/sbopkg.zqThpw/appstream-glib-appstream_glib_0_7_4/_build'
ninja: error: '../libappstream-glib/libappstream-glib/as-environment-ids.txt', needed by 'libappstream-glib/as-resources.c', missing and no known rule to make it
Makefile:4: recipe for target 'all' failed
make: *** [all] Error 1

Notice the double "libappstream-glib/" in the "ninja: error:" line

Tried 0.7.3, also fails, same error.

Can anyone confirm?

PS: I fixed it adding this sed before the make command, not sure if it's the right fix:

sed -i -e "s,../libappstream-glib/libappstream-glib/,../libappstream-glib/,g" _build/build.ninja

Full build log:

  meson:....... /usr/bin/meson
  ninja:....... /usr/bin/ninja
  prefix:...... /usr
  bindir:...... /usr/bin
  sbindir:..... /usr/sbin
  libexecdir:.. /usr/bin
  datarootdir:. /usr/share
  datadir:..... /usr/share
  sysconfdir:.. /etc
  libdir:...... /usr/lib64
  mandir:...... /usr/man
  includedir:.. /usr/include
    - docs: -Denable-gtk-doc=true
    - man: default
    - introspection: default
    - stemmer: -Denable-stemmer=false
    - DEP-11: -Denable-dep11=true
    - RPM: -Denable-rpm=false
    - fonts: default
    - alpm: default
    - builder: default
Warning: You are using 'ANSI_X3.4-1968' which is not a Unicode-compatible locale.
You might see errors if you use UTF-8 strings as filenames, as strings, or as file contents.
Please switch to a UTF-8 locale for your platform.
The Meson build system
Version: 0.44.0
Source dir: /tmp/sbopkg.zqThpw/appstream-glib-appstream_glib_0_7_4
Build dir: /tmp/sbopkg.zqThpw/appstream-glib-appstream_glib_0_7_4/_build
Build type: native build
Project name: appstream-glib
Native C compiler: ccache cc (gcc 5.3.0)
Appending CFLAGS from environment: '-O2 -fPIC'
Build machine cpu family: x86_64
Build machine cpu: x86_64
Found pkg-config: /usr/bin/pkg-config (0.29.2)
Native dependency uuid found: YES 2.27.0
Native dependency glib-2.0 found: YES 2.46.2
Native dependency gmodule-2.0 found: YES 2.46.2
Native dependency gio-unix-2.0 found: YES 2.46.2
Native dependency libarchive found: YES 3.2.1
Native dependency libsoup-2.4 found: YES 2.52.2
Native dependency json-glib-1.0 found: YES 1.2.8
Native dependency gdk-pixbuf-2.0 found: YES 2.32.3
Native dependency libgcab-1.0 found: YES 0.6
Native dependency gtk+-3.0 found: YES 3.18.9
Program gcab found: YES (/usr/bin/gcab)
Native dependency gdk-3.0 found: YES 3.18.9
Native dependency freetype2 found: YES 18.3.12
Native dependency fontconfig found: YES 2.11.1
Native dependency yaml-0.1 found: YES 0.1.6
Program gperf found: YES (/usr/bin/gperf)
Configuring config.h using configuration
Native dependency glib-2.0 found: YES 2.46.2
WARNING: GLib compiled dependencies do not work reliably with
the current version of GLib. See the following upstream issue: https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=774368
Configuring as-version.h using configuration
Program g-ir-scanner found: YES (/usr/bin/g-ir-scanner)
Program g-ir-compiler found: YES (/usr/bin/g-ir-compiler)
Native dependency gobject-introspection-1.0 found: YES 1.46.0
Configuring appdata-validate.test using configuration
Configuring destdir-check.test using configuration
Program xsltproc found: YES (/usr/bin/xsltproc)
Build targets in project: 30
Found ninja-1.8.2 at /usr/bin/ninja
CC="cc" CXX="g++" /usr/bin/ninja -C /tmp/sbopkg.zqThpw/appstream-glib-appstream_glib_0_7_4/_build
ninja: Entering directory `/tmp/sbopkg.zqThpw/appstream-glib-appstream_glib_0_7_4/_build'
ninja: error: '../libappstream-glib/libappstream-glib/as-environment-ids.txt', needed by 'libappstream-glib/as-resources.c', missing and no known rule to make it
Makefile:4: recipe for target 'all' failed
make: *** [all] Error 1
Cleaning up...

Ricardo J. Barberis
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