[Slackbuilds-users] Package versions

Ruben Schuller ruben at rbn.im
Sat Jan 21 13:59:41 UTC 2017


Just my two cents: I don't think that SlackBuilds on SBo are that
outdated. Most of the time they are a rather new version. I'm guilty
myself for not updating some of my SlackBuilds that often ;)

Like some others posted here, I think that Gitlab (or something like
that) would make updating things easier, especially because the
SBo-admins _do_ review the things submitted. It would just be a nicer
"workflow" than uploading a tarball, waiting for review, getting a mail
about a problem, (forgetting about the mail... ,) fixing it locally and
resubmitting it. With the git frontends available there can be comments
directly associated with the merge request (or how the software calls
it), which makes it sometimes easier to see the problem. If well
implemented, one could also think of that the maintainers of single
SlackBuilds get merge requests, review them, and then create a request
to merge into the main repository.

I'm fine though with the current way things are handled, alas they are
sometimes a bit cumbersome. On the other hand creating a gitlab setup
for this size of project has to be well thought through, otherwise git
tends to bite ;)

The admins of SBo have my respect for managing it in their free
time, amazing job :)


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