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Vincent Batts vbatts at gmail.com
Sun Jan 22 17:28:45 UTC 2017

I've had a number of folks email me for updates to Docker. Only this week I
replied to
Asaf Ohayon that he can take over ownership of the build. (If he's still

There have been a few reasons I've dragged my feet on pushing out an
update. Sorry if this has been a particular inconvenience to anyone. Docker
1.8.x was a solid release. Many companies kept it as a long-term version.
Every new version has added splashy new features, while providing
fixes for prior versions and unfortunately sometimes new regressions to
tools that use/depend on docker (see kubernetes et al).

Another part of the hold back has been how Docker Inc is staging itself
more as a proprietary product (and some services), and less as an open
community. This is part of the splitting off of `runc` and more recently
`containerd`. In the few release or so, it is sounding like even having a
build of `docker` in linux distributions will be difficult without taking
the binary build straight from Docker Inc. Otherwise the distribution will
likely have to do full rebranding to not use the word "docker" (like
firefox and debian's IceWeasel). Trademark violations could be a concern.
Be that what it is, it's still a useful tool.

There are other container tools in the community and some are becoming
viable alternatives to the `docker` cli. LXC is now in slackware stock.
This is where groups like the Open Containers Initiative (OCI) (
https://github.com/opencontainers/image-spec/) is working to ensure
portability of the container images, regardless of the tool that users are
working with.
It would be great for folks to define their use-case and use what makes

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