[Slackbuilds-users] Question about git workflow

Edward Koenig kingbeowulf at gmail.com
Sun Mar 5 20:18:40 UTC 2017

>> You could take pull requests from every trust able person fore each package,
>> the maintainer models is total obsolete that only scales bad, distributes
>> work bad, and is a bottleneck by design.
> Who, or what, is going to do the required testing?

Well, I agree with David.  I think the maintainer model serves SBo quite well as opposed to a more free-for-all F/OSS approach.  I expect that most maintainers USE most of the scripts (I do).  I also gladly accept patches and suggestions to be included in my next update.  ( I might be a bit slow....)

This allows deeper testing in many cases.  Automated tools can only help to a certain extent.   As we all know, source documentation is not a favorite task for many projects (and programmers!).  To go with a "typical" repo development methodology could seriously impact quality. Does SBo really want to set up a build bot?  Is a script tested as "ok" if it runs to completion?  Compiles?  Often, bugs or missing dependencies aren't evident until you actually install and run the created package.

Overall, I think the SBo model creates a somewhat better repository quality than those "other guys".  


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