[Slackbuilds-users] Updates - 20170326.1

David Spencer idlemoor at slackbuilds.org
Sun Mar 26 02:50:25 UTC 2017

Ok, I'm going to explain some of the small fixes we just made, but you
are welcome to delete this email if you're not interested.


* Make .desktop validate

freedesktop.org has standards for .desktop files and a validator. We
have run the validator on all the .desktop files in our repository and
fixed the problems it reported.

* Allow VERSION override

It should be possible to try to run the SlackBuild script with a
different version, for example 'VERSION=1.2.3 ./script.SlackBuild'
But some really old scripts had never been updated to support this
properly, so we finally got round to fixing them.

* i486=>i586

We are slowly changing to build with Slackware 14.2's i586 flags, but it
is not a high priority, so normally we just do this whenever we are
changing the script for some other reason.

* Remove template comments

We like to have comments for anything unusual in a script, but the
comments in the templates are really just to explain how things work the
first time you create a script. Otherwise they are just unhelpful noise.

* Fix shebang

SlackBuild scripts normally start with '#!/bin/sh'.
Don't use '#!/bin/bash' unless the script really needs to be bash
(this is almost never necessary).
Don't use '#!/bin/sh -e', because '-e' won't work when the script is
invoked with 'sh ./script.SlackBuild' or 'bash ./script.SlackBuild'

* Fix slack-desc
* Fix .info

We have removed unnecessary whitespace in the slack-desc and .info
files, because occasionally this can cause problems for automated tools.
Also we have made sure that all the slack-desc files have the same
formatting comments at the beginning, because there are people who can't
count to 11 and don't understand how to use the handy-ruler :(


We've made sure that these variables are defined consistently in all the


So that's what we have done and why we have done it.  We hope these
small fixes will make everybody's life easier, or at least, more
predictable :)

Thanks for reading this, and thanks again to B "Urchlay" Watson for the
hard work preparing 900 individual commits.

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