[Slackbuilds-users] Today's DMARC debacle

Habs gen-bch at useyouresp.org.uk
Thu Mar 22 08:34:33 UTC 2018

Hello List, Rob McGee

On Wed, 21 Mar 2018, Rob McGee wrote:

> Some of you might not have seen this because your list delivery was
> suspended.  We think we have all the subscribers reenabled now.
> The "fix" has been implemented and confirmed to work.  "Fix" is the
> wrong word; it is a workaround for the shortcomings of the DMARC
> protocol.  Our list was fine, but we had to break it in case some
> other poster gets the same silly idea to play with DMARC.

Does DMARC have to be specifically setup by a domain admin ? i.e. it can't 
just be inadvertently turned on.

I presume it does based on what I read briefly, about adding entries into 
the domain records etc. I have to admit until I read about it on this list 
I was almost fully clueless as to what DMARC was (acronyms to the ignorant 
and all that).


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