[Slackbuilds-users] gitlab artifact direct download link?

Didier Spaier didier at slint.fr
Wed Jan 9 21:50:55 UTC 2019


On 09/01/2019 19:11, Leonardo Citrolo wrote:
> Hi SlackBuilders,
> I recently came across an interesting project hosted on gitlab called
> 'thunar-custom-actions', which basically provides a couple of scripts
> to manage all Thunar custom actions system-wide, plus a set of
> pre-configured useful ones.
> Unfortunately among its build requirements is 'pandoc', which,
> according to its .sqf file, in turn depends on 139 haskell packages, and
> I really don't think that anyone would like to download and build all
> those just to extend the Thunar file manager. (I certainly don't want
> to)
> On the other hand, the upstream developer provides also the debian
> package as a gitlab 'artifact', so I've download it and written a
> SlackBuild to convert it into a Slackware package.
> Everything seems to be working nicely so I'm almost ready to share my
> SlackBuild with you; the problem is that I can't find a direct URL for
> a gitlab 'artifact', I've consulted the gitlab on-line documentation but
> there doesn't seem to be any.
> What do you suggest?
> Thanks
> Leo

Why not instead provide a SlackBuild that just packaged the official

I have done something similar here:
That's not in the SlackBuild format, rater the SLKBUILD is supposed
to be used by the slkbuild utility, but you get the idea.



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