[Slackbuilds-users] building packages

Peter Dambier peter at peter-dambier.de
Sun Jan 12 21:06:08 UTC 2020

On 01/10/2020 09:42 PM, Ruben Schuller wrote:
> Hi list,
> I'm interested in what you use to build packages and how you do it.
> I currently use slackrepo [1] for this. It seems to be a bit abandoned
> now, a pull request I've made 2018 wasn't reacted upon. So I'm kind-of
> looking for a replacement.

I am downloading from SBo and if necessary find where the sources have
moved to. Maybe fix the version info.

For new stuff I try to put everything into a directory and use
    Usage: sbotmp <application>
to make it a slackbuild.

> Where you build packages is also of interest, somewhere on at home or
> on a rented server?

Only at home on any of my machines, I am kind of a 32 bit museum.
Crafting on one machine and then trying to install it on the next.

Trouble with missing things on 64 bit and multilib even a bigger mess I
am moving back to 32 bit where proprietary printer drivers and Arduino
stuff seem to work is if by magic.

I am running hybrids of Slackware (current) and Gentoo but moving more
towards Slackware since I learned how to do everything I could do with
Gentoo I can do with Slackware much easier and I have everything BSD has
to offer as well.

That is were multilib kind of ... I haven't heard of multilib on UNIX.
And dont mention systemd, polypaudio, dracut, bootchart - did I miss

> Cheers
> Ruben


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