[Slackbuilds-users] New submission: protonvpn-cli

Erich Ritz erich.public at protonmail.com
Fri Nov 13 14:41:07 UTC 2020

Hello list,

I just tried to re-upload a new submission, protonvpn-cli.  The only change is to add a missing dependency, docopt.  I get a "File exists; a submission by the name 'protonvpn-cli' is already pending approval." error, so I assume the submission failed?

I attached a patch to add "docopt" to REQUIRES.  The meat of it is:

-REQUIRES="python3 python-requests python3-pythondialog Jinja2"
+REQUIRES="python3 docopt python-requests python3-pythondialog Jinja2"

Apologies for the confusion.  The master branch has removed docopt as a dependency, but the latest released version still has the dependency, which caused the confusion on my end.  And since it's only a run-time dependency, it will build just fine without docopt installed.

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