[Slackbuilds-users] Bug in OpenCASCADE cmake "includes"?

Dave Woodfall dave at slackbuilds.org
Sat Oct 17 13:34:09 UTC 2020

On 16/10/20 19:03,
Heiko Rosemann <heiko.rosemann at web.de> put forth the proposition:
> Hi everyone,
> I recently ran across what looks like a small bug in OpenCASCADE's cmake
> scripts, for example the one in
> /usr/lib64/cmake/opencascade/OpenCASCADEFoundationClassesTargets-release.cmake
> It seems to me like ${OCCT_INSTALL_BIN_LETTER} should not be in there,
> for example in line 11:
> "${_IMPORT_PREFIX}/lib64\${OCCT_INSTALL_BIN_LETTER}/libTKernel.so.7.3.0"
> This caused compilation errors for me when I tried installing FreeCAD
> 0.18.4 on -current, but the files look the same on 14.2.
> I'm not sure where the blame lies - OpenCASCADE upstream, our packaging
> of OpenCASCADE or FreeCAD's searching for OpenCASCADE are my candidates.
> Cheers,
> Heiko
> JFTR: Adding -DOCCT_CMAKE_FALLBACK=ON to FreeCAD's cmake option helps
> FreeCAD compile - no idea about other software that might also depend on
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Did you contact the maintainer about it?  It might also be worth
checking ponce's -current slackbuilds repo to see if this has been



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