[Slackbuilds-users] DevIL

LukenShiro lukenshiro at ngi.it
Mon Jul 7 09:33:36 UTC 2008

lunedì 7 luglio 2008, Phillip Warner ha scritto:
> You are actually the first person other than David who has requested
> a fix for this.  I actually stopped using DevIL in favor of some
> other image libraries, but I still have all the files from the new
> slackBuild I made.  Since upstream support seems to be waning perhaps
> it is time I post what I made.

I don't really use it too. I was compiling it for the first time as a 
dependence for CEGUI, in order to run a game (secret maryo chronicles), 
_before_ finding your "smc" binary .tgz package (and reading its 
building documentation).
 But since it is not a "required" library (rather it is somehow 
deprecated), it doesn't serve as other slackbuilds packages' 
dependence, and it shows so many problematic facets ... i do not have a 
real need for DevIL.

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