[Slackbuilds-users] libtorrent-rasterbar

Dave Woodfall dave at unrealize.co.uk
Thu Mar 5 14:05:43 UTC 2009

On (11:10 05/03/09), Heinz Wiesinger <pprkut at liwjatan.at> put forth the proposition:
>On Thursday 05 March 2009 10:30:15 Dave Woodfall wrote:
>> I'm building a script for an app that requires libtorrent-rasterbar >=
>> 0.14. Current SBo version is 0.13.1. I have mailed maintainer Erik Hanson
>> but no reply as yet, so I'm posting this in case he reads this list or
>> perhaps someone knows if he will be updating soon.
>> Current version for download from homepage is 1.14.2. If he no longer wants
>> to maintain the SB for this I can take over.
>As far as I can recall the reason for going with 0.13 was that 0.14 didn't 
>work with spring/springlobby. I think there was an issue with boost. 0.13.1 
>worked fine (0.14.x was already available on time of initial submission).

Yes a quick build test shows a problem with boost. I will look into it
further but it doesn't seem good.


>If you really want the update you could check if all scripts on SBo that need 
>libtorrent-rasterbar, or at least spring/springlobby work with it. Be sure to 
>also use the boost from SBo. You can then report your results to Erik, which 
>will very likely speed up the update process a lot, in case nothing breaks of 

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