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Harald Achitz harald.achitz at gmail.com
Sat Jan 21 11:13:07 UTC 2017

there are no pull request because of missing chances , high entry barriers
, ask the maintainer, and similar
I am talking about projects that reduced work for 1 persons, as mentioned,
and now I quit with this,
I gave you knowledge,f feel free to ignore or discuss it to death,
have a nice weekend

2017-01-21 12:09 GMT+01:00 Matteo Bernardini <matteo.bernardini at gmail.com>:

> 2017-01-21 11:56 GMT+01:00 Harald Achitz <harald.achitz at gmail.com>:
> > ok, slowly, one more time
> > 1) the one who is sending the pull request
> this is the first problem, as most of the times there aren't any pull
> request but "hey, X has been updated to W.Y.Z, update it ASAP!"
> > 2) the one who is applying the pull request
> David already answered to it in his last mail: we have too many
> scripts and it's not reasonable that we test stuff in such a worflow.
> in the qt-5.x example you made before, assuming and thoughly QA
> process, that will involve testing the new build (and you know the
> time it takes), rebuilding and testing everything depending on it
> (also optionally) and using it for a reasonable time.
> and qt-5.x is just one of the thousands SlackBuilds we have in our
> repository
> > 3) those who use the package in testing,
> we cannot have any assurance that people will use thoughly everything
> we put on such a branch: people don't do that even with the /testing
> stuff in Slackware (see, as an example, who adopted the new gcc in
> current's /testing).
> > 4) merging testing into stable at the time a package can be considered as
> > tested, eg due to positive feedback on a issue tracer.
> > more quality control, less work for a single person through more
> involvement
> > of the community.
> unfortunately, for the reason stated above, things don't go this way:
> maybe you are speakng about stuff where there are a lot of more people
> involved (admins, maintainers and users).
> Matteo
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