[Slackbuilds-users] Updates - 20170701.1 youtube-dl

Andrzej Telszewski atelszewski at gmail.com
Sun Jul 2 12:58:40 UTC 2017

On 02/07/17 14:45, Audrius Kažukauskas wrote:
>> That's really valuable reading.
>> But I don't think it talks about the problem we have here.
> It does in a way that it explains how to construct GitHub download URL
> so that its last component would be the same as the filename in
> Content-Disposition header.  That way it doesn't matter if HTTP user
> agent (be it web browser or wget, curl, etc) uses the last component of
> URL or Content-Disposition to name the file, it will be the same in all
> cases.

Got it, thanks ;-)

Best regards,
Andrzej Telszewski

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