[Slackbuilds-users] Unmaintained builds - want any of these?

Ruben Schuller sb at rbn.im
Sat Jan 4 23:49:14 UTC 2020

2020-01-04 18:36 B Watson <yalhcru at gmail.com>:

> Eh, you don't really have to do that.
> When you take over a build that didn't have a license, you can do
> this:
> # Originally written by J. Random Luser <email removed>.
> # Modified and now maintained by Ruben Schuller <mail at rbn.im>.
> # Original version had no license; modified version released under
> # the <whichever>.
> ...then include whatever license term comments you were going to use.
> IANAL, standard disclaimers apply, my take on it:
> Since there was no license to begin with, there's nothing to prevent
> you relicensing it... I guess you could even legally remove the
> original author's name, but please don't (even if it's legal, it's
> rude).

Alas, the legal views on this are different from country to country. It
may be public domain in the US, but in Germany this isn't possible
as "things" are considered to always have a creator which has the
rights for it. Quoting the template:

># Public domain is not valid in some countries, and no license is
># worse than a "bad" license in those countries.

> The other thing to realize is that the vast majority of code in most
> SlackBuilds comes straight from the template. You might write a new
> build from scratch (without even looking at the old one) and anyone
> looking at both versions would think yours was a modification of the
> old one.

This is true, I've redone it from scratch and there aren't much
differences :)

I'll just upload my new from-scratch version I guess, that way
everything should be fine.


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